LAFAYETTE, La. (ABiz) – Over the years, the historic Moss building at the corner of Jefferson and Vermilion has molded a reputation for being a central figure in Downtown Lafayette’s topography, from housing the very first Lafayette Parish judge in the 1820s to becoming the prestigious Moss Pharmacy through the early 20th century. Now, the building’s impeccable legacy is being carried on by its latest tenants, Richard Broussard and Blake David and their law firm Broussard & David, LLC.

“Generally, the people that we represent are hard-working people who have a family that they support, and then they get injured and they have no resources,” says Broussard. “They spend all their income every month sending their kids to school and paying doctor bills and things like that and suddenly they have no income. So Blake and I both represent those people, helping them to figure out what the best course to navigate is through the litigation system to recover the damages that someone has inflicted on them.”

“You’ll see the lights on here on the weekends. We don’t knock off early on Fridays; we work,” says David. “It’s very tough, but we love what we do. We love representing individuals.”

Broussard & David opened its doors this summer with the promise to continue its fight to protect the rights of accident victims in and around Louisiana with its stature of determination and sagacity. The pair, both alumni of LSU Law School, work well as a team, combining years of seasoned litigation experience with a tenacious focus on results.

“I grew up on my father’s ranch, so I have a kind of natural connection to working people,” says Broussard. “So when I started practicing law 40 years ago that was who I represented, and that’s who I’ve represented ever since is working people.”

After Broussard and David purchased the Moss Building back in January, they made extensive renovations throughout the structure including adding a full service elevator, new lighting and new wooden floors before fully opening its doors in July.

“I have a personal affinity for this building, because it’s where my Dad used to work,” says David. “I love this spot. It’s kind of the corner of Main and Main in Lafayette. We’re going to be here for a long time.”

The firm also tries to distinguish itself by focusing on quality cases that they can ensure receive a personal touch rather than just stockpiling cases.

“Some lawyers are all about seeing how many people that they can see and how many clients they can get through the door. That’s not how Richard and I handle it,” says David. “We want to find good people who have really suffered an injustice or are victims of someone else’s negligence and help them out.”

Even before David came on board as a partner, Broussard was already enjoying a stellar career of settling several remarkable judgements, including aviation cases against international aircraft companies and product liability cases against big manufacturers, which was then enhanced by David’s success with court litigation.

“Blake started working with me when he was going to college,” recalls Broussard. “And after law school, he came to work with me and he’s been with me ever since. We’ve been actual partners for 11 years now and Blake has some amazing judgments.”

During their tenure as partners, they have garnered a number of achievements and accolades. Broussard and David have both been named AV rated attorneys by Martindale-Hubble, which is the highest rating possible for professional excellence. Both have served on the Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers and both have served as president of the Lafayette Bar Association. The two have also been named in the Top 100 Trial Lawyers list by the National Trial Lawyers and both have been recognized as Louisiana Super Lawyers in the field of personal injury law.

“I was blessed to be able to come to work with Richard because it was like instant credibility that I enjoyed just being affiliated with Richard, who’s one of the most respected lawyers in the state,” says David.

Despite their professional record of triumphs, Broussard and David say they measure their prosperity not by the number of victories, but by the content of their clients.

“Over 99.9 percent of our clients leave here happy, which is the absolute truth,” says David.

“And really that’s the measure of our success,” adds Broussard. “It is not the number of dollars that we put in our bank account every year, but how many clients that we have happy. And generally it’s a hundred percent.”

[This article originally appeared in the November 2014 edition of Acadiana Business Magazine and on]